Fahad Mustafa, renowned actor and TV personality, announced his collaboration with Reckitt Benckiser (RB), makers of Dettol, as the official brand ambassador for RB’s social pledge ‘Hoga Saaf Pakistan’. As an ambassador of HogaSaaf Pakistan, Fahad Mustafa will be involved in creating awareness and educating people regarding personal hygiene, sanitation and cleanliness for a healthier, cleaner and greener Pakistan. The idea is to make people realise that by simply ensuring cleanliness of ourselves, our homes and our neighbourhoods, we all can collectively
ensure a Saaf Pakistan!

Fahad announced his ambassadorship for ‘HogaSaaf Pakistan’ on the first of Ramadan during the special Ramadan Transmission of the country’s renowned show, Jeeto Pakistan, on ARY Digital.

RB previously announced ARY Digital Network as their official media partner for this initiative. Starting this Ramadan, building up on “SafaiNisfEeman Hai” , RB and ARY will be reinforcing the message of how one should take ownership of cleanliness around them across all media platforms.

With initiatives like ‘HogaSaaf Pakistan, running with such fervor to achieve their desired impact, it is positively anticipated that the country’s citizens will follow suit and take full responsibility to work towards the betterment of Pakistan. “Kyunkemilkaylagayeingejaan, tau HogaSaaf Pakistan!”

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